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Mot checklist
MOT testing vehicle testing station
Brookfield garage approved MOT vehicle station

MOT testing is required by law on all vehicles in the UK that are 3 years old or more.

All MOT tests are conducted by a certified and approved tester.

The MOT test covers a range of vehicle safety checks including lights, tyres, seatbelts and emissions and can only be carried out by a MOT garage with DVSA-approved examiners

The Ministry of Transport allows you to test your vehicle up to 28 days prior to your expiry date It is recommended that you have your MOT done early, in case any faults are found.

In May 2018 the DVSA introduced a new way faults are classified. The existing advisory system has been replaced and faults are classified as either minor, Major or Dangerous.

Any fault identified as either Major or Danger now results in an immediate MOT test failure.

If we find that your vehicle needs some work to pass the MOT test, we will be more than happy to give you a clear explanation of the work needed.
We do not charge for the MOT retest if the work has been completed by us.
We will also send you a reminder message 1 month before your next MOT is due.
DBSA MOT Test station
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